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Aside from just dealing with your trees, we also have land and lot clearing services for our customers. What exactly are lot and land clearing services anyway? Let us explain:

When you want to put up a house or a building on a certain site, you need to first clear the land so that you can make way for the construction site. As part of our services, we provide you with a solution on land clearing so that you can get the area ready for whatever you’re planning to put up. That’s where our Lot Clearing Roswell GA services come in.

If there are old, large trees that can’t be removed that easily, we will be the ones to get the job done. Our team of professionals have vast experience when it comes to handling trees so they know the right way to take it down. We also have the necessary technology needed to get this job done. We can clear your piece of land in a jiffy!

We Guarantee a Clean Job

After a heavy duty job like this, you can be sure that there’s going to be a lot of junk and debris in the area. We will be the ones to haul everything and clean up the remaining debris. If there are other discarded junk that can be recycled, we will also be sure to recycle them so we can go the extra mile in keeping our advocacy for a cleaner earth. Lastly, we will make sure that all toxic waste will be disposed of the right way.

If you’re in Roswell, GA and you need a plot of your land cleared, then we’ll do the job. We’ll make sure you do it quickly and cleanly. Plus, we’ll be sure to go green.

We Save What We Can Save

One of our advocacies would be saving whatever we can save. That’s why we sometimes decide not to clear everything. If we can suggest the best decision for a plant or tree worth saving (such as re-planting in a different location or just keeping it as a part of the building design), we would.  We would also do the pruning and the trimming of those trees.

Won’t It Effect the Environment?

Here at Roswell Tree Care, we understand the environmental implications of clearing trees on the soil. Usually, tree clearing makes use of a lot of chemicals and burning techniques to get rid of trees. However, doing that affects the soil and may result in a dying land. That is why we ensure that we do not use any of those methods.

We use the most natural methods of clearing land so that we can ensure the land’s health. Our professionals would only cut down trees with chainsaws and other power tools so that the remains can create mulch, which gives life to the land. We also use a touch of brush on the ground to further provide mulch for the ground’s health. From there, a new patch of grass can be grown or maybe other plants.

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