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When a tree gets too old and eventually dies, it needs to be removed in order to make way for the growth of the newer trees. Unlike younger trees though, the stumps of older trees are extremely hard to take out because they have very strong roots. If you need the stumps of older trees taken out from your lawn or garden, we can be the ones to do that for you with our stump removal Roswell GA services.


Stump Grinding Process

Since stumps are extremely strong and attached to the ground, just yanking them out won’t do any good. That’s why our stump removal services use a special process that is also known as stump grinding. Stump grinding is basically the process of using a chip grinder to grind the stump until there’s nothing left. Our state-of-the-art equipment even allows us to grind the parts of the stump below the soil. Whatever’s left of the stump under the soil can be used as a location for growing new plants and trees.

The level at which you want us to grind the stump will all depend on you. You can request for us to grind the stump only until ground level or you can also request for us to grind the stump up until below the soil level. Just let us know your needs and we’ll make sure to serve you.

Uprooting the Stumps

If you need us to uproot the stump to completely remove even the roots from the ground, the process will be a little harder but not anything too hard for us! This will require a little more excavation wherein we need to grind deep into the soil and cut the roots out. Here at Roswell Tree Care, Inc, we do have all the necessary technology needed to do this process. If you need us to do this, we will be able to. That way, you can have a fresh patch of land where you can plant anything you want without being bothered by existing roots.

Our Guarantee of Quality

We understand that the deep stump removals may raise concerns about the condition of the soil and also the pipes that are buried in the ground. While stump removals, especially the deep excavations, may affect the ground and the piping, we can guarantee that we will help you restore everything to its optimal state once the excavation is done. It will be just like it was before the stump was removed with the only difference being that the stump is gone.

We also guarantee that we will provide only the best services for your needs. If our services did not meet your standards, you may request us for further stump grinding or total re-grinding until you get your desired outcome. Our job is to serve you and make sure that all your needs are met which is what we will definitely do if you partner with us for your stump removal needs. That is our promise as a customer-centric company.


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